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Factors to Consider When Hiring a Financial Advisor
about 1 month ago


Money matters are a sensitive issue to many. The way you handle your money can either break or make your financial future. Although several people assume that handling the finances on their own is ideal, it can be costly at the end. To avoid making rash financial decisions, it is imperative to hire a financial advisor. However, the process can prove daunting especially if it is your first time to hire a financial advisor. The following guidelines will enable you to choose the ideal financial advisor.


One of the key things you ought to look at is the fiduciary standard. Under this standard, the financial advisor is bound by the Investment advisor act of 1940 to put the interest of their clients first, before their own interests. With such a financial advisor besides you, receiving quality wealth management services as well as financial advice is a guarantee. Traditional brokers do not operate under the fiduciary standards. Theirs is the suitability standard. The suitability standard does not compel them to act to the best of your interest. As such, take your time to find out whether the financial advisor you have in mind is bound by the fiduciary standard.


One murky process that you are likely to face when hiring a financial advisor is understanding the comprehensive costs that will be involved in the deal. Several investment advisors are not transparent when it comes to the fee. This does not mean that you cannot find a financial advisor who will provide you with transparent fees. If you do your due diligence appropriately, you will definitely find a financial advisor who is ready to explain all the involved costs. At Navigation Wealth Management, you will receive a comprehensive analysis of all the involved costs.


Prior to choosing  this financial advisor, it is prudent to factor in the location. As you look at the location of the financial advisor, keep in mind that hiring a financial advisor who is near you is the ideal choice. Apart from that, it is essential to choose a financial advisor who has an established website, which you can log into at your convenience.

Another key thing that several people overlook is communication. Although it does not seem like it, hiring a financial advisor who will keep you on the loop always is essential. With such a financial advisor, you can be sure that your wealth is safe.


Finally, look for a financial advisor who has been in the industry for a considerable amount of time. An experienced financial advisor will not only give you sound advice, but he/she will also provide you with top wealth management services. You can read more about the future of wealth management here: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/robo-advisers-the-future-_b_11590518

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